About Elimu Nyumbani

Elimu Nyumbani is an organization that provides services and support to parents and teachers in Home Education.

We also provide individualized education solutions for schools, adult learners, and out-of-school youth to complete their basic education.

Our products and services include:
1. Consultancy and advice for parents, schools and         community projects
2.  Providing British and American online curriculum for     home education
3. Tutors for homeschooling
4. Training on homeschooling for parents and teachers
5. Networking events with other homeschoolers
6. Tools for special needs education
7. Tools for identifying gifts and talents in students
8. Application to international universities


  • Are you looking for more information about homeschooling?
  • Are you homeschooling and need advice about a particular issue?
  • Do you need help with a special needs child?
  • Do you want to know how to identify the learning style, gifts, and talents of your child?

These and more questions can be answered through our consultancy service.

Homeschool Network

Join us during our annual EACH conference in August and other events to connect with homeschool parents and students in the region, country, and estate. 


Contact us for more information. 

Homeschool Training

Twelve modules teach you practical information on how to homeschool your children successfully.


These modules cover the most important aspects of homeschooling.


Enroll in our online training for parents and teachers to learn more about how to homeschool.

Talk to us

We are always open to talking about your education needs and how we can help you.