Cambrilearn is an online school that offers a variety of curricula for homeschooling and individualized online education in schools.


The platform offers the Cambridge and Edexcel British National curriculum for all ages.


General Education Diploma


This is an online platform that offers a one year exam preparation program for students who would like to sit for the exam.


This exam result in an American High school diploma.


A fully accredited online private school offering the American system from grades K to 12.


A variety of subjects, technical, vocational and career courses are available.


Students graduate with an accredited high school diploma and transcript.

Loho Learning

This is an online resource for parents, teachers and schools using the CBC curriculum.


It contains CBC and 844 books in digital form, a digital atlas, revision content, readers, audiobooks, science lab simulations and educational games.

La Senda

A consultancy service that assists students to get admission into American Universities.


Students can study online, in person or a blend of both.


There is a selection of up to 400 universities.


We provide tutors for homeschooling parents from preschool to high school.


Teachers are available in-person or virtually, full-time or part-time.

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